Which personal characteristics constitute effective leadership? Is there more than one way to be an effective leader? Are leaders born, or made? What can you do to improve your skills, understanding, and practice of high-value leadership in an educational setting?

The TACHE Leadership Academy, a professional development benefit reserved for registered members of TACHE, is an outreach program to encourage, support, and develop leadership within TACHE and its continuing education partners across Tennessee.

Basic Details:

  • Cost for attending the program: one-time fee of $100.
  • Training starts with a pre-conference session during the Fall conference in Nashville, and includes a trip to the state capitol building and other higher education schools the next 12 months.*
  • Benefits for participating in the program: A lifetime of priceless relationships, abundant knowledge and new advancement possibilities!

The TACHE Leadership Academy: another great reason to join and participate in TACHE!

Application Form for Leadership Academy

TACHE Leadership Academy
For information contact Matt DeLozier.

 *Meals and travel costs associated with participation in the TACHE Leadership Academy are the responsibility of each participant in addition to the program fee. Funds generated by the program fee are used to offset costs to procure quality trainers, speakers, and teaching materials.